The Cup of Life is Closing ! ! !

Unfortunately we have come to the end here on The Cup Of Life. It’s been a great three years of experience and happiness.
I have decided to take a different approach to blogging and opened a Fashion Blog instead to help boost my career.
However, you could also find similar posts on the new site CLICK HERE which I have also included a self-help type of
section so that I don’t completely stop writing and reading the things I love :)

I wish you all the best of luck & great happiness !

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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I see you’re looking from a very limitewd perspective and also with a lack of understanding. For a very basic premise … how can you say this (lifted from your page) …Everyone tends to see all the bad and feel the disgust in the human race nowadays because it could be so disappointing ….. ‘everybody’??? That’s a global startemement. I have people I know who are involved in war and they see nothong but pleasure …the money they make pays for really fab holidays. Humans ‘generally’ love war, or they wouldn’t be so keen on it ..
    if ‘you’ workes in the arms industry and you made 1.5 million a year, you wouldn’t be feeling so bad. Please respond, I have lots of answers and ideas for you and your people to chew. Please feel free to publish this.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Frankie :)
      I don’t see why people who are involved in war enjoy it.. Are you telling me they enjoy seeing people kill each other?
      My point in this post is that seeing the evil that exists in the world does not make people happy or have faith in the human race.
      The people who you know that are involved in war probably enjoy their jobs but I am sure they do not enjoy seeing people die.
      Let me know what you think

      1. Ok. Do you know anything about life? Do you know that the human body is the vehicle, and that the owner, the ‘soul’ cannot die and that life is eternal? No one dies, how can they? They can drop the body, but even the body doesn’t die. Just because it looks still, it is still moving (still-moving). A body, when repleced in the ground, feeds the ground, because the body is made from soil minerals, ‘in this world’ (you are what you eat).
        Some people enjoy watching people die, yet most don’t, but those who don’t mainly remain indifferent (the real crime).
        Nothing against them because everyone deserves their place … can you tell me that in the ancient past (or one of them, we’ve probably had many), the spectacle of the Christians being eaten by the lions wasn’tr enjoyed? Can you tell me that modern day soldiers, trained in the art of hatred don’t enjoy seeing the enemy die?
        It’s a complicated business with a perpetual argument that cannot be won, fought by six million souls who are all eternal and of whom all hold a body …. the body doesn’t die, the soul certainly doesn’t die ..everything is energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form into another.

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“Just living is not enough , one must have freedom, sunshine and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Life is beautiful and we shall all fully experience it and cherish every moment of it.
Sometimes we get fooled that happiness is a destination which we work so hard to get to yet we don’t realize that it is actually lingering around us all the time. Happiness is a way of living , there are many little things in life that bring us joy and there are many little things in life which we could do that would change the way we see our life.
Many of us might not have people that would guide us through when we encounter difficult matters and this makes us more prone to making bad decisions or turning to things that ultimately make us unhappy.

DSC_0217My name is Manny Lau and I was generally a very optimistic person since a young age and I hope that I would able to spread out the positive energy to everyone who needs it. Here in The Cup Of Life, you will be able to find posts about general self help such as ways to achieve happiness, how to gain confidence, ways to maintain healthy relationships, how to deal with difficult people and much more. These are all things which I learnt , seen and read about in life. I am not a doctor , not any professional person that is able to give you advice but what you would find here is all meant to give you support , comfort you and make you see how you too could be achieving happiness easily. These are just some life tips that I think everyone should know.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Helly Manny – I saw that you stopped-by my blog today…thank you for visiting and for letting me know you were there.

    You have quite a few beautiful photos here…it has been nice visiting. :)

  2. There’s a special type of clock. It’s a real clock, not digital. The clock has a mechanical action i.e. beutiful gears and springs, all craftsman made. The clock was made to train Clockmakers. The Clockmaker knows when he has reached the natural clock knowlege level ‘clocklogy’ when the clock, which is made aof a very special wood appears beautiful to him or her. To most people, this clock appears uglyl even evil, but, they don’t understand the mechanism. All beginner clockmakers find the clock ugly, but, after many, many hours of ‘loving’ practice, they become as one with the clock, and the clock transforms and becomes beautiful. Actually, the clockmaker transforms, the clock doesn’t change, it simply ticks on (except when it’s in many pieces on a cloth being re assembled) and the mind of the trainee changes.
    The world is the clock and the people are all clockmakers … you learn the mechanism, the world becomes beautiful … then you can thank the evil-doers for encou’raging’ you to remember who you really are (cursing and condemning doesn’t fix clocks).
    There you are Manny Lau, a straight off the cuff children’s/adults …. ‘story’ … ‘fab le’?? … Just for you.


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